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Save Over Accustream Waterjet

We sampled ten of the most common waterjet parts to compare prices with a Accustream Waterjet, and the result was an average savings of 18.5% before additional discount & FREE SHIPPING! With quality that matches or exceeds the OEM, and other suppliers like Accustream Waterjet parts, can you afford not to give Accutek a try? Check out today for the best quality & the lowest price (seriously!).

OEM Part# Description Accustream Waterjet Accutek Savings
007038-3 60K Intensifier High Pressure Cylinder Replaces Flow $615.00 $580.00 6%
001198-1 HP Seal Kit, 60K $119.00 $95.00 20%
041136-1 87K Cutting Head Assembly 4″ $790.00 $750.00 6%
B-5725-1 60K 1/4″ 90 Degree Dual Axis Swivel Assembly $749.00 $1,560.00 52%
A-1555 1 Micron Water Filter Cartridge 10″ Long $35.00 $37.50 7%
014988-1 Seal Kit, Universal Valve 60K, 75K, 87K $142.00 $155.00 9%
041759-013 Paser 4 Ruby Orifice, .013″ ID $12.50 $18.00 31%
015084-1 87K Bleed-Down Valve Repair Kit $165.00 $181.00 9%
010559-3 60K Intensifier Check Valve Assembly $490.00 $535.00 9%
711933-1 Disk; Blast; Cutting HD; DWJ; 38.75mm OD $3.50 $5.50 36%

*Prices taken directly from Accustream Waterjet website 3/4/2020.

Click any of the parts above to order directly from our website! If you require any assistance, or if you have any questions, email We will be happy to help you get started with Accutek! Accustream Waterjet customers are welcome. This is just a taste, and hundreds of waterjet parts are available at awesome prices at And remember: FREE GROUND SHIPPING!

Accutek Waterjet is owned by waterjet industry expert engineers who know what it takes to manufacture a great part, and with our expertise in part design, sourcing, and logistics, we are able to bring ultra-high quality waterjet parts to the market with awesome savings over the OEM or other part suppliers like Accustream Waterjet.

Posted By Dreadnought Consultancy on behalf of Accutek Waterjet.