Save Over Accustream Waterjet

We sampled ten of the most common waterjet parts to compare prices with a Accustream Waterjet, and the result was an average savings of 18.5% before additional discount & FREE SHIPPING! With quality that matches or exceeds the OEM, and other suppliers like Accustream Waterjet parts, can you afford not to give Accutek a try? Check out today for the best quality & the lowest price (seriously!).

OEM Part#DescriptionAccustream WaterjetAccutekSavings
007038-360K Intensifier High Pressure Cylinder Replaces Flow$615.00$580.006%
001198-1HP Seal Kit, 60K$119.00$95.0020%
041136-187K Cutting Head Assembly 4″$790.00$750.006%
B-5725-160K 1/4″ 90 Degree Dual Axis Swivel Assembly$749.00$1,560.0052%
A-15551 Micron Water Filter Cartridge 10″ Long$35.00$37.507%
014988-1Seal Kit, Universal Valve 60K, 75K, 87K$142.00$155.009%
041759-013Paser 4 Ruby Orifice, .013″ ID$12.50$18.0031%
015084-187K Bleed-Down Valve Repair Kit$165.00$181.009%
010559-360K Intensifier Check Valve Assembly$490.00$535.009%
711933-1Disk; Blast; Cutting HD; DWJ; 38.75mm OD$3.50$5.5036%

*Prices taken directly from Accustream Waterjet website 3/4/2020.

Click any of the parts above to order directly from our website! If you require any assistance, or if you have any questions, email [email protected]. We will be happy to help you get started with Accutek! Accustream Waterjet customers are welcome. This is just a taste, and hundreds of waterjet parts are available at awesome prices at And remember: FREE GROUND SHIPPING!

Accutek Waterjet is owned by waterjet industry expert engineers who know what it takes to manufacture a great part, and with our expertise in part design, sourcing, and logistics, we are able to bring ultra-high quality waterjet parts to the market with awesome savings over the OEM or other part suppliers like Accustream Waterjet.

Posted By Dreadnought Consultancy on behalf of Accutek Waterjet.