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Our First Customer Testimonial

It’s been over a year since Accutek Waterjet earned its first testimonial from the US market for our high quality, low cost waterjet parts. We have great appreciation for all of our customers, old & new, and we continue to dedicate our company to 100% satisfaction. One of the first companies to give Accutek a chance, Tampa Rubber & Gasket, had this to say shortly after their first few orders:

“When I heard about Accutek Waterjet I was hesitant. The integral parts of our waterjets is not something I generally play with. However with the amount saved and knowing the engineers were from some of the big companies we figured it was worth giving them a shot. We started by trying some direct comparisons, we pitted their Flow and KMT Intensifier seals against the MFG specific. Accutek removes the unnecessary parts that dont need to be replaced every time from their kits, which results in saving a nice amount per rebuild. With both sides of both our Flow and KMT intensifiers we rebuilt one side with Accutek, one side with MFG. In both cases The Accutek Seals outperformed the MFG seals with a savings to cost. We couldn’t be happier. Since then we have expanded into their Valve rebuild kits, etc. All of which perform  remarkably. Shipments are always quick. We really have no complaints and look forward to working with Accutek in the future.” -Rick Teeter, Tampa Rubber & Gasket.

We are humbled by Rick’s kind words, and we look forward to being able to prove to new customers that we really do have the best quality at the lowest price. Our waterjet parts are manufactured from quality materials, and we utilize superior tolerances, to produce great waterjet parts with excellent surface finishes.

Customers, like Rick, love our Flow-style kits. Check them out here.

Most of Accutek waterjet parts are manufactured with materials sourced from the exact same raw material suppliers used by the OEM. Accutek’s engineers are waterjet industry expert, who have used their extensive knowledge to improve upon the OEM’s designs to offer the market a better, cheaper waterjet part.