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Save Money on Your Waterjet Spare Parts

Owning and operating a waterjet machine can be very expensive, while there are several factors that can affect the hourly cost of running a waterjet, on average it can cost anywhere between $20-$40 an hour. This cost does not include labor nor the capital repayment to run a waterjet with a single abrasive cutting head at 60,000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Here’s a breakdown. of a waterjet operation cost for a 60,000 PSI (50HP) Intensifier Pump:

Orifice Size 0.13
Mixing Tube 0.04
Garnet(lbs./min) 1.2
Flow Rate(gpm) 1.05
Cost % of Total
Garnet (Assuming $0.20/LBS)  $16.00 56%
Spares parts including Mixing Tube  $8.60 30%
Electricity  $2.31 8%
Garnet Disposal($0.30/LBS)  $1.44 5%
Water  $0.25 1%
Total Cost  $28.60

As shown in the breakdown, the spare parts cost is around 30% of the total operating cost. As with any piece of industrial equipment, waterjet machines require regular maintenance to keep them at peak performance. Part of the reason is that most of the waterjet OEM manufacturers sell their spares at a premium price – as that is their main source of profit. The waterjet owner, on the other hand, has to pay whatever the manufactures are asking, in order to keep their machine running under warranty.

If you are tired of the paying a premium price to waterjet OEM manufacturer, Accutek Waterjet gives you a way out. Founded by expert waterjet industry engineers, we developed an engineering and manufacturing proficiency that allows us to offer a combination of quality and value. You will save more than 35% on average by switching to us.

Typical Parts Savings, guaranteed the same or better life
OEM 1 Part Number OEM Price Our price Your saving
High pressure Seal  004406-1 $18.67 $9.00 $9.67
High pressure Seal kit 001198-1 $139.95 $95.00 $44.95
High Pressure Cylinder 007038-3 $735.97 $580.00 $155.97
Check Valve Body 004383-3 $322.80 $280.00 $42.80
Universal On/Off Valve kit 014998-1 $175.95 $142.00 $33.95
Ruby Orifice 014201-13 $14.50 $12.50 $2.00
OEM 2 Part Number OEM Price Our price Your saving
High Pressure Seal 051223385 $63.00 $32.00 $31.00
On/Off Valve 051116025 $190.00 $130.00 $60.00
Valve Poppet BV901184 $80.00 $46.00 $34.00
OEM 3 Part Number OEM Price Our price Your saving
Dynamic Seal 302951 19 12.5 $6.50
High Pressure Seal Kit 303019 210 120 $90.00
Dual On/Off Rebuild kit 301927 180 85 $95.00

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